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Welcome to
This site is the home of various projects created by @shearx, and is mainly used as a learning experience for various things.
It will occasionally undergo fairly large changes, and will periodically be put into maintenance mode to facilitate these changes.

In any case, please try not to overload the system by keeping the number of downloads you perform to a minimum. If using the Mod Builder, please consider creating an account, as the download restrictions are less stringent than when visiting as just a guest.

Thanks for visiting, and have a good one :)
NSFW blurring
I added some blurring to NSFW mods if your'e not logged in. Figured this may prevent errant nudity for people just visiting the site.

Logging in will remove the blur.
Email confirmation now required
Finally got around to adding the email confirmation. If you are arriving and logging in for the first time since this change, there will be a link in the message provided after attempting to log in that will send the confirmation email. 

There was a minor issue affecting registration validation codes. This has been resolved, and new registration emails sent out to affected users. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Forum Fixes
I saw that some douche bag decided they wanted to spam the forum.. I decided to finally get around to adding some banning functionality and some IP logging, which will allow me to completely ban IPs from accessing the site at all.

I also fixed a bug that would only show the first page of a forum thread.
Layout changes
So I've been meaning to work on the layout of the site, modbuilder, and WIP forum for a while now, and I've only just started working on it. The forum layout is currently a bit wonky, but the rest should be more or less normal. Please let me know if its not =X
Some work being done
Most likely gone unnoticed, but I've been working on the site a bit. This time around, I've been working on being able to edit your user profile. At this time, after logging in, you'll be able to edit your avatar, and soon the rest of your user information. Later you'll be able to see a list of your mod downloads.

You can view a list of all current users by clicking the new "User List" link in the navbar, but this will be of little user to pretty much everyone but me.

No sensitive user information is revealed to others.

After I finish with the user account management, I will finish up the forum part of the site (adding threads and such).