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This forum is a work in progress.
It is being built from the ground up as an exercise by the author (shearx). As such, it may not be fully functional, and is subject to extreme alterations.
Created: 7:30 AM, 05/09/2017
This is a test thread
Created: 4:50 PM, 08/31/2017
Created: 4:50 PM, 08/31/2017
Created: 4:51 PM, 08/31/2017
this is a pretty cool test
Created: 4:52 PM, 08/31/2017
this probably doesn't work
Created: 5:05 PM, 08/31/2017
this is now working pretty fantastically!
Created: 8:20 AM, 09/01/2017
this should also be working
and <script>this</script> should be escaped
Created: 2:38 PM, 04/09/2018
Created: 2:12 PM, 04/18/2018
Anyone know what's going on over at darknest?  The site has been down for over 2 days...not cool!
Created: 8:06 PM, 04/18/2018
VERY not cool. my computer saying something about "no DNS"?
Created: 10:15 PM, 04/18/2018
Still down ... IsItDown is saying it's up but I'm still getting bupkiss

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