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It is being built from the ground up as an exercise by the author (shearx). As such, it may not be fully functional, and is subject to extreme alterations.
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Created: 8:44 AM, 08/29/2017
Ask for some help here if you need it
Created: 8:53 PM, 10/28/2017
Hey, just what I was looking for! Cool! First off, I love you WoW mods and such. Great work. Second, even after making my account to download the mods you have listed, it still won't allow me to select the bubbles and such to submit the request. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
Created: 2:13 PM, 04/18/2018
Any idea what's going on with the darknest website?!  It's been down for over 2 days now!  Getting worried!
Created: 3:46 PM, 07/15/2018
hello, I have a problem and I can not run any patch for my wow client, the version is 7.3.5 (26365) and my server is Firestorm, how can I load models with my client?
Created: 5:52 AM, 08/09/2018
Sorry pals for maybe little stupid question, but how to install this models in game?
Created: 1:57 PM, 08/09/2018
the forum here is barely functional (having been built from scratch by me, and not worked on much)..
You're better off checking over on Darknest if you want help with mods and such.
Created: 1:53 AM, 10/02/2018
Hi, I see that Pokemon save editor website has stopped to work. It does not read my save files. Could you help with this please? Thx
Created: 7:36 AM, 10/02/2018
Sorry about that. I forgot to update the SSL certificate after I renewed it. It should now be working again.
Created: 5:21 PM, 10/03/2018
Thank you for fixing it. Can you tell me if you are working on editing stones or changing bingo bonus? TY
Created: 8:23 AM, 10/04/2018
I was planning on those, but never got around to it. I am not sure if I'll go back to it either, since its rather complicated, I misplaced my notes, and I don't play the game any more. Its possible at some point I'll gather the motivation to work it out, but for the time being, it will likely stay in the state it is =/
Created: 8:55 PM, 10/05/2018
After I finish putting in all the values I want on the Pokemon Quest save editor and click download edited save file, it will load for about 5-7 seconds then it does nothing. Nothing is ever downloaded even waiting several minutes without doing anything. I have tried several times on two different days as well as delete temp/cache files. 
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