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This forum is a work in progress.
It is being built from the ground up as an exercise by the author (shearx). As such, it may not be fully functional, and is subject to extreme alterations.
Created: 8:44 AM, 08/29/2017
If you think the site can be improved a bit, make a post here
Created: 11:05 AM, 12/01/2017
 - Forum notification message "Work in progress", shouldn't pop-up every time, you could possibly check user last login, and make it every 24h?

 - Foxy logo on top left doesn't redirect to home page?

 - Image preview on "Model Edits -> Models" is clunky, mouse hover doesn't seem user friendly, and requires additional steps in changing from one image to another, or keeping image expanded while doing anything else with the mouse cursor. "You could check up on Modals and mix them up with a gallery lib"

 - Maybe change JS scripts to load at end of body, rather than start of head? "Not sure"

Otherwise, good job so far.
Created: 11:09 AM, 12/01/2017
Also, maybe changing the padding on the main UI at top (Home,Model Edits,Forum,WebMail) would be a good idea, since it would be easier to click on the nesting <div> to change page, rather than the text itself.
Created: 8:55 PM, 12/04/2017
Thanks for the suggestions. I havent worked on the forum part of the site in a long while, which would be why the notification still shows up. I'll end up using session or local storage to track user visits and stop the WIP spam, but until I get the motivation to work on it, it will remain the way it is =/

I'm also not sure what you mean by the mouse hover doesn't seem user friendly? Care to elaborate? 

Created: 2:29 PM, 11/14/2018
Created: 5:22 PM, 12/18/2018
do u make Models for patch 8.1.0?
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